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Thank you for considering Neves Group for your new home.

This page is designed to help provide you with references that may help you with your decision making process. These documents are provided as a reference.

In order to actually sign a lease with Neves Group you will need to contact our office for further instructions. Please note that we are always trying to improve the documents that we use. These are intended only as a sample. The current documents may vary slightly.



Property Manager:  Christy Gibas

Champaign-Urbana Utility Phone Numbers

  • Ameren  1-800-755-5000
  • Ameren CIPS (Tolono only)  1-888-789-2477
  • Illinois American Water  1-800-422-2782
  • Comcast    1-800-266-2278
  • Mediacom (Tolono only)  1-866-755-2225
  • Village of Rantoul 217-893-1661

Champaign-Urbana Garbage Companies (check online or a phone book for a complete list):

  • Area Disposal  217-359-5188
  • Allied Waste  217-383-0695
  • Illini Recycling 217-356-0648

City References that may be helpful:

Grade School & High School links:

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Member of the Champaign County
Chamber of Commerce

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